Friday, 17 May 2013


This spotlight we have for our recent post today is one of the biggest rave clubs taking the University of Lagos campus by storm. We would like you to meet THE GRIND ENTERTAINMENT.

The grind entertainment was established on the 1st of September, 1995. The successful party crew has being headed by the likes of Seyi Owolabi, Ife Ogundipe, Tobi Bakare , Abkay, and Enzo. We have watched the entertainment crew grow over the years and now presently headed by Henry Chillyn making a total of six excos.

The Grind Entertainment has proved to be a good entertainment group as they have won the award of Best Rave Party for TrafficNight10 for the 2011/2012 Dynamix awards. they have been nominated for series of awards such as Best Rave Club, Best rave party at the Dynamix awards and were recently nominated as the Best rave club at the BS awards.  This recognition stated above gives the Grind entertainment the reputation they have.

The Grind entertainment have been rocking the party world with well organized parties such as the Traffic Night series, the FCT series (Fct1and Fct2), to view pictures of the FCT series click here. This makes the Grind entertainment an entertainment group to reckon with as they promise to bring more storming party events to the various campuses.

Without much ado it would be my pleasure to list the members of this Rave club and their various positions

Henry Egejuru 
Position : Cheif Executive 
Educational Standing : 500L Mechanical Engineering
Twitter username : @i_am_chillyn

Lanre Seriki
Position: Vice Chief
Educational Status : Business Administration
Twitter username: @seriki_lanre 

Wale Mosuro
Position: 2nd Co
Educational status : 300L Petroleum and Gas
Twitter username : @whalygrind

Alayo Machado
Position: PRO
Twitter username : Machado_grind 

Tunde Cole 
 Position: Asst. Pro
Educational status : Bussiness admin
Twitter username: @tunde_cole

Biola Aminu
 Position: Treasurer
Educational status : Architecture
Twitter username: @kiing_faad

Thomas Jagunmolu
 Position: Senior member
Educational status : Bussiness admin
Twitter username: @oniranu

 Position: Senior member
Educational status : Geography
Twitter username: @tiskidboy

 Position: Member
Educational status : Bussiness admin
Twitter username: @tunskid

 Position: Member
Educational status : Engineering
Twitter username: @kachi_prime

Ibrahim Olamide 
 Position: First Lady
Educational status : Education
Twitter username: 

 Position: Member
Educational status : History
Twitter username: @_bimpe