Monday, 6 May 2013


Tattoo Entertainment was established in the year 2010 by Adetattoo as he is popularly known as, non withstanding we are here to discuss about their subsidiary TATTOO ENT UNILAG.

Tattoo Ent Unilag was founded by Afeez Adejonwo a.k.a Feezo in the year 2011 and since has being organizing A-grade events. The tattoo ent unilag are a party crew to reckon with as they have organized social events such as Hysteria (club party) being the first then moving on to Ten over Ten (club party), the Getwet pool party series (getwet1 and getwet2), Gamehouse (house party) and recently Ghostmode which turned out to be a huge success. Click here for the aftermath pictures

Talking About success Tattoo Entertainment can be seen as a successful club as they were nominated for series of awards like
Glitz award 2011 (Best Rave Clique)
Dynamix all youth awards 2011/2012 (Best Rave Clique)
                                                         (Best Rave Party : Getwet2 )
BSA awards (Best Rave Clique)
This entertainment group can boast of individual success as Adetattoo was nominated for Best Club Boy Dynamix awards and Feezo for Best Club Chief for the BSA awards.

Speaking with Afeez Adejonwo who was proud of the achievement of his club and quoted the popular Drake Song saying "We started from the bottom now we are here" . According to Afeez he said tattoo ent unilag are in closed doors for the moment and promise to hit the people with brilliant ideas, With all this being said let us meet the members of Tattoo Unilag.

Feezo (Adejonwo Afeez) - Position : Chief
 Educational Standing: 300L Petroleum and Gas
Twitter Username: @Sir_feezo

Joey - Position :1st Co
 Educational Standing : 300L Building
Twitter Username : @joey_delta

Hector - Position : 2nd Co
 Educational Standing: 400L Mathematics Education
Twitter Username: @hector_tattoo

Chika - Position :Pro/Secretary
 Educational Standing: 100L Human Kinetics
Twitter Username:@cuitechika_p