Monday, 8 July 2013


After completing the tour of Watch the Throne it was said to have strengthen the family bond between Rapper Jay z and Rapper/Producer Kanye West as the both celebrated winning awards from the BETawards '12

Talking of Throne and Power, we can say  a silent tuzzle as being going on between both artist..  As kanye  chooses Kim Kardshian as a girlfriend in which Jayz and Beyonce made it clear that they weren't pleased with the relationship. 
Kanye again bluntly stating his negative opinion about the Suit and Tie Tour by Jay z and Justin Timberlake. We could say this was of jealousy by Kanye against is Big Brother 
But then why wasn't Jega featured on any track from the Yeezus album. And Kanye on Jay'z Magna Carta Holy Grail Album ? Is there a silent fight between Jay z and Kanye west ?